Find a College

KentuckianaWorks College Access Center (KCAC) invites you to meet with a counselor and learn how to select the best college for you. Finding a college that is affordable, has a good reputation, offers programs appropriate to your needs, is the right size, and is located in an appealing place may seem a monumental task! We’re here to help, with one-on-one guidance and assistance in using our computers and resource library to make informed decisions.

Make an appointment to meet with a KCAC counselor - 502-584-0475 (Louisville)

or (812) 218-1669, Press 7 (Jeffersonville, IN)

Tips to help you find the right college for YOU

  • Make a list of your reasons for attending college and your expectations of what the degree will do for you.

  • Consult college guidebooks and search online to help narrow your choices.

  • Virtual campus tours are great, but it's important to personally visit the schools you're most interested in.

  • Don't rule out a college because it seems too expensive. Consult the school's financial aid office or your KCAC counselor for assistance.


Explore Online Resources

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Kentucky Higher Assistance Authority

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance AuthorityKHEAA offers several tools to help you select a college in Kentucky. Use the Matching Assistant to search for colleges that meet your requirements – search by major, by total enrollment, by setting, and by student to faculty ratio.

Compare Kentucky Colleges by total enrollment, setting, student to faculty ratio, and tuition.


 College Navigator

College NavigatorUse the College Navigatorat the National Center for Education Statistics to search for schools by program, location, institution type and more. Build a list of your favorite schools and compare features.